Tension is who you think you should be, Relaxation is who you are. —Chinese Proverb

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acupuncture, chinese herbs, diet and children’s tuina to support you on your healing journey

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Qi gong

learn how to balance your energies and achieve overall balance in life with Qi Gong

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Find inner peace and harmony through the art of chinese calligraphy 

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The Traditional Chinese Medicine are based on a millennia-old wealth of knowledge and experience that remains as my life-long learning and passion. It is not only to treat the different symptoms, but also to look for the cause of the diseases. I try to actively and individually support the patients on the basis of a personalized understanding of my patients from TCM perspectives. During a consultation, I will combine a detailed medical history, pulse, tongue and abdominal diagnostics and channel palpations. In this comprehensive way I am trying to consider the personal well-being, to identify the cause of any problems or imbalances to establish diagnoses and treatments for appropriate acupuncture points, herbal tea, dietary recommendations and/or Qi Gong exercises.


Acupuncture is key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that has been used for more than 2,000 years to activate the self-healing power to restore health. In addition, acupuncture relieves pain, stimulates the immune system thus a choice for many functional and psychosomatic disorders. In a typical treatment special acupuncture needles will be inserted into the appropriate points. By proper needling technique (acupuncture) or heating these points (moxibustion), the flow of life energy (Qi) in different organs and channels is stimulated to bring back Yin and Yang balance.


Traditional chinese herbal tea and Diet

According to the TCM guidelines, the herbs or our food have different thermal effects (hot, warm, neutral, cool and cold) and flavors according to special qualities: nourishing, moisturizing, regulating, clearing, etc. While the herbal tea works as a fundamental part of a TCM treatment.  A tailorednutritional recommendations support the therapy to achieve valuable health benefit and help to prevent diseases.



With the help of the brush we can get into the flow and encounter ourselves in a different way. It is a path of silence and harmony. Calligraphy is considered as art to cultivate(修身养性literally means cultivate the body and mind). The participants will thus get to know the Chinese characters, which refer to motifs of ancient Chinese paintings. This is not a reproduction instead a new composition of well-known motifs. The artist paints by incorporating his emotional feelings in particular throughout the brushwork. “When you pick up the brush, you have to take back your vision, reverse your hearing, dismiss all thoughts and concentrate on the spiritual reality. If the mind is still and the breath is harmonious, the work will penetrate to the finest “- Yu Shi Nan, a Taoist calligrapher from the 7th-century painter. This quotation suggests that traditional painting is a form of meditation and can have a calming/relaxing effect on those troubled by stress and anxiety. The process of painting is therefore more important than the result. It also requires no special knowledge or artistic talent to participate in the courses.


Qi Gong Workshop

In my childhood, I learned kungfu from my dad and I loved reading kung fu novels. For 20 years I have been practicing Taiji with growing enthusiasm. By practicing Taiji and Qi Gong I can provide my patients more effective treatments.  Every Monday from 9:30 to 10:30, the door is open for everyone! I teach Yang style Taiji and various well-known Qi Gong forms in practice. For reasons of limited places, potential participant is requested to register by simply leaving a message or calling.

The simple exercises on Monday can be learned at any age and without previous knowledge. Older people and those who feel “unsportive” will also find the Qi Gong exercises a pleasure to let their body freely and harmoniously move. Individual sessions in medical / therapeutic Qi Gong are possible. For complaints, e.g. Back problems, tension in the neck / shoulder area, I also offer a free analysis for body statics and posture, so that the appropriate exercises can have a positive effect.


Huating Li
Huating Li
About myself

Huating Li 李桦婷

I was born in China and grew up in a family with a deep root of TCM tradition: my grandmother nourished her 8 children and more than 20 grandchildren with healthy chinese cooking. She also worked with Chinese herbs to heal people. My own loving mother had magical hands: Xiao Er Tuina-a gentle massage therapy aimed to promote the health and well-being of children. After years I still remember the loving touches, the warmth and her softly singing voice! As a mother myself I have also been trying to pass the experiences to my own children.

Once someone asked the secret of a long life with quality from my grandmother (she died peacefully in her dream at the age of 97). She laughed and said: 不为良相,愿为良医(bu wei liang xiang, yuan wei liang yi), meaning “To be a good prime minister, or to be a good doctor”. When I was young, she read me many stories of eminent chinese physicians, pharmacologists and herbalists, etc. One of them is Li Shi Zhen who really inspired me. He spent much time travelling across the countrysides, the forests and mountains to heal the folks, to listen and learn from them, and to carefully study the herbs and other medications to treat diseases. It took him 27 years to finish a scientific book of Compendium of Materia Medica with details about more than 1,800 drugs (Chinese medicine), including 1,100 illustrations and 11,000 prescriptions. The book has been translated into many different languages, and remains as the premier reference work for herbal medicine.

This tradition of accumulating knowledge and wisdom through intensive travelling and encounting different people has inspired me from the early age till today. The decision of studying international finance in France was very natural to satisfy my dream of knowing the world and people. It has also satisfied my family, after all the life as a TCM doctor in China at that time means little opportunity to study abroad and sadly did not earn a good social status. Many good ambitious students at that time pursued the international business career with a much more decent outlook. I lived and worked in multinational corporations in China, France, Germany, USA and UK for 10 years and kept reading TCM books as my hobby (yes TCM has been a lifelong hobby in our family). I even started studying acupuncture parallel to my job as a financial analyst, offered TCM consulting for friends and patients in my brother’s TCM hospital during my annual holiday China. It was not an easy decision to gradually change my route to be a TCM therapist. But as the chinese says天时地利人和(tian shi di li ren he) a balanced decision at the right time when I was a mother of 2 children. TCM has supported me greatly in this stressful time with pregnancy, raising children and keeping myself fit and relaxed! With the pleasure I gained from both my family and patients as well as encouraged by them, I have set upon my heart firmly to follow the destiny’s call,  remembering a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step 千里之行,始于足下(please click more on my professional background).  

Stately approved as “Heilpraktikerin” in Germany since 2016

  • Member of the national Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine -Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Traditionelle chinesische Medizin e.V.

Professional Background


Shouren Tang

Shou means guard, protect, Ren means humanity, Tang is practice. What it means for me to guard or protect the humanity is above all, helping the patients to better understand and perceive their own body and mind, and to awaken their own healing strength. In addition, I devoted the website name to remember one of the great Chinese Philosopher, military general, calligrapher and writer from the Ming dynasty-SHOUREN WANG(also known as Master Yangming). 仁义礼智信 (RenYiLiZhiXin) – the five Virtues are traditionally considered the foundation of a human being like the earth to a tree.

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